Intestinal lavage and naturopathy in the treatment for viral infections

- Why is treatment for viral infections not always effective?

- How can we help the body cope with viruses without medication?
- What are bioregulators and how to use them correctly?

​The questions are answered by Victor Lazarevich Kishinevsky,
General Practitioner, Chief Physician, RealMed Clinic, Saratov
Opportunistic healthcare approaches existing in the majority of so-called developed countries have turned the human being into a passive object of medical manipulations. The treatment is akin to repair of a car or tractor. Diagnostic equipment detects a “defect”. Then the damage is repaired by removal of the ‘broken unit’ or its replacement when possible. In other cases, the patient is exposed to liquid or solid chemicals called medications.
​Отвечает Кишиневский Виктор Лазаревич
Лаваж Маткевича
Such a System is very effective: patients do not die for a long time, but do not recover either. They are being treated, which provides the pharmaceutical corporations, doctors and insurance companies with opportunities to make good money. Surprisingly, serious challenges to this sustainable System are sometimes created by tiny creatures – viruses. They cannot be surgically removed, furthermore, the chemicals are effective against them only in high concentrations poorly tolerated by patients. If a new virus appears for which no chemicals have yet been figure out, then the System gets confused. While the new drug is being developed, patients begin to die in premature and unexpected manner, which leads to huge lost revenues. That's exactly what is happening right now.

What do we do in the situation unclear even for the world's leading medical clinics?

Do not despair! There is another way accessible to each and everyone of us. It does not involve either complex diagnostics or expensive insurance polices. You have just to trust your body and understand the fact that we by nature have all the capabilities necessary to eliminate emerging threats. This self-rescue mechanism will certainly work if it is cleansed, refueled and adjusted in time. Precisely in that order.

  • The most effective, harmless and quick-acting cleansing technique that I know of is called Matkevich Lavage. To carry out total detox cleansing, it is enough to drink a good portion of the solution that tastes like brine several times with an interval of 2-3 days on an empty stomach. As a result, intensive bowel emptying occurs, and the long-term harmful "deposits" accumulated on three hundred (!) square meters of its surface completely disappear. Harmful microbes are also washed out. In the absence of enemies, useful lactobacilli and bifidobacteria begin to grow rapidly, especially if they are fed with vegetable porridge containing bran or pectin. They also need to be supported with stimulants like Hylak-Forte, Vetom or Daigo.
  • "Refueling" is a healthy and delicious meal, complemented by everything that it lacks. The supplement is called additive nutrients, otherwise the task of a full-fledged "refueling" cannot be solved.
  • "Adjusting" is a program for restoring the proper functioning of the body and psyche. In Western medicine, we call it "restoring metabolism"; in Eastern medicine – “restoring energy circulation”. Three ways to achieve the desired result are as follows: gymnastics (for example, Qigong), reflexology (acupuncture, osteopathy, Tuina massage, Su Jok therapy), and bioregulators.

Ginseng root – a bioregulator of natural origin

The use of bioregulators has the advantage that it does not require a person’s own consistent efforts (gymnastics), as well as searching for true specialists and numerous sessions with them (reflexology). They just need to be taken regularly according to the prescribed regimen. I'm talking about bioregulators of natural origin – plant and animal ones.

The most famous plant bioregulator is ginseng, which is credited with miraculous properties. The ginseng root really has them - if it grew up in the Far Eastern taiga, and not in the garden. The main disadvantage of this means of regulation is the low probability of buying its wild-growing Far Eastern variety and the extremely high price of such plants.

Antlers of young Siberian stag – an affordable bioregulator Pantalfamarin

I have a 40–year experience of using and prescribing regulators made from antlers of young Siberian stag. The Siberian stag eats about 400 species of unique medicinal plants growing in Altai mountains. Antlers contain their general therapeutic potential, which explains the amazing results of using drugs made from them. As a student, I myself used alcohol based extract of velvet antler, known as pantocrine, when I worked at night as a nurse in the clinic, and studied during the day - so as not to sleep during lectures, as well as at exams. When I started working professionally, I began to recommend it to my patients to solve various health problems, and became convinced of its high effectiveness as an adaptogen and immunostimulator. Alcohol extract made it possible to obtain about 5% of the substances contained in the antlers. Nowadays I use Pantalphamarin myself and recommend it to my patients. Its contents are extracted by vacuum pulse drying, which allows receiving up to 90% of pure deer antlers powder. Accordingly, its effectiveness is incomparably higher.

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