Matkevich Lavage is a universal method of cleansing the body and restoring health!

Make a fresh start in life with Matkevich lavage!
A surge of strength, increased performance, improved mood and quality of sleep, a feeling of being rejuvenated, and much more comes from cleansing the body from the inside (internal spa). Compared to other methods and means intended for this purpose, Matkevich lavage removes harmful substances from the body faster and more reliably. Surprising, but true: Matkevich lavage cleanses not only the intestines, but also other organs, including blood. This means that you do not need to swallow dietary supplements for months, brew cleansing herbs and tea, be tortured by tube insertion. Matkevich lavage is a one-of-a-kind method of cleansing the body from the inside, since its effectiveness and safety have been studied scientifically, and tested for several years in leading medical institutions. It is patented, officially approved for use by Russian healthcare regulator, Roszdravnadzor, and received the Moscow City Hall Award. The results of the work are presented in more than 90 scientific publications, and reported at dozens of conferences and congresses in Russia and abroad.

The fundamental difference between Matkevich lavage and other similar techniques lies in using a unique solution composition. The therapeutic and preventive outcomes of Matkevich lavage procedures are based on three pillars:

  • total (general) cleansing of the body from the inside
  • normalization of blood and metabolic parameters
  • microbiota restoration

Cleansing the body: a matter of habit or why is it needed?

The body accumulates toxic substances of various origins: some come from the outside; others are formed during the process of digestion, vital activity and cell death; yet others are secreted by microbes inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract. The body tries to get rid of toxins in various ways, in particular, via the stomach and intestines. Normally, they are excreted naturally, but in case of bowel dysfunction, they accumulate there in large quantities. The body has a cascade of filters and detoxification organs to combat toxic substances: the liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, immune system, etc. At a young age and under normal conditions, the detoxification system effectively neutralizes toxic substances, and the person enjoys good health. Ageing, unhealthy dietary patterns, copious physical and mental activity, poor hygiene, distress, alcohol abuse and other bad habits, uncontrolled medication and diseases, or malfunction in the detoxification system lead to overflow of toxic substances in the body, which results in autotoxoaemia. In mild cases, it may provoke low mood, anxiety, fatigability, sleep loss and skin problems, but ultimately can cause various chronic diseases and even death.

  • Preventive courses of Matkevich lavage procedures will help neutralize the negative impact of modern life on your health.

How does the course of Matkevich lavage procedures affect metabolism, blood and cell status?

Rejuvenation phenomenon (internal spa)

After the cavity of the digestive tract is cleansed, due to the resulting difference in concentrations, toxic substances begin to flow from the blood into the intestines, and then are flushed out by the solution as the procedure continues. Matkevich lavage procedures facilitate deep prolonged body cleansing adjusted to human physiology. Toxins and allergens are eliminated; blood is purified from cellular metabolism products; stagnant bile is removed; intestinal microbiome as well as the functioning of the biliary system and liver, pancreas and intestines are improved; permeability of the intestinal wall to toxins decreases. Consequently, inflow of toxic substances and allergens into the bloodstream decreases, which results in reduction of functional load on the liver, kidneys, lungs, immune system and skin. Thus, they can quickly restore their functions. As a result, inflammation goes away and metabolism normalizes.

The composition of the solution was put together and rigorously balanced by macronutrients with due regard to human physiology. During the procedure, according to the law of chemical equilibrium, substances lacking in the blood are selectively absorbed from the solution, while excessively presented ones are excreted from the blood into the intestinal cavity and washed out from the body. For instance, the human organism will receive from the solution lacking potassium or calcium, while excessive sodium and water will be moved from the blood into the intestinal cavity, and then flushed out. In the same way, all the substances are exchanged between the solution and the blood through the intestinal wall: excess cholesterol, sugar and other substances that interfere with the body’s ability to function properly go away. Simultaneously, the acidity of the blood is normalized, and its fluidity improved. All this contributes to better heart function. In case of edema, removal of excess water stimulates decrease in the size of blood cells, so they better pass through the smallest blood vessels of the lungs, where they are enriched with oxygen and carry it to other cells. The "breathing" and nutrition of cells of all organs improve.

An original way to get rid of dysbiosis

During the Matkevich lavage procedure, pathogenic microorganisms that live mainly in the intestinal lumen are removed, and beneficial bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and others, tightly fixed on the inner wall of the intestine, remain intact. Under favorable conditions (adequate acidity, which is created by the special cleansing solution, and the presence of nutrients - fiber), they quickly reproduce and suppress the growth of pathogens. Thus, the normal species ratio of the intestinal microflora is restored.

What are the effects of detoxification?

  • A surge of strength and energy
  • Reduced swelling
  • Increased libido
  • Improved overall body toning and general activity
  • Purification of bloodstream and revitalization of the whole body
  • Improved skin health including tone and elasticity
  • Improved hair and nail quality
  • Reduction of weight and abdominal volume
  • Elimination of PMS and recovery of the menstrual function
  • Cleansing the intestines, restoring microflora
  • Improved digestion, liver and kidney function
  • Enhanced immunity and improved health
Вопросы и ответы. КИШЕЧНЫЙ ЛАВАЖ | Интервью с д.м.н. В.А.Маткевичем.

When to use Matkevich Lavage?

  • Before:

  • elective surgery
  • irrigoscopy and colonoscopy
  • cosmetic procedures

  • After:

  • course of antibiotics
  • food poisoning
  • holidays in tropical countries
  • stressful situations

Recommended number of procedures:

  • Preventive course (2-4 procedures)
  • Functional grade 1-3 constipation (4-6 procedures)
  • Diarrhea (4-6 procedures)
  • Allergic disorders (4-6 procedures)
  • Alcohol hangover syndrome, breaking binge drinking (1-2 procedures)
  • Intestinal dysbacteriosis (4-6 procedures)
  • Biliary dyskinesia (4-6 procedures)
  • Chronic bronchitis (4-6 procedures)
  • Obesity, type II diabetes mellitus (10-12 procedures)
  • Acne, furunculosis, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, herpes (8-20 procedures)
  • Erysipelas (4-6 procedures);
  • Insomnia, migraines, frequent catarrhal diseases (4-6 procedures)

Matkevich lavage is not recommended in case of:
  • gastrointestinal and other hemorrhages
  • type I diabetes
  • pregnancy
  • diseases requiring urgent surgery or intensive care
  • erosive gastritis
  • hypertensive crisis, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis
  • exacerbation of hemorrhoids

How is the Matkevich Lavage procedure performed?

It is advisable to carry out the first procedure in the morning, the subsequent ones – at any time, but not later than 6-7 pm. Matkevich Lavage is to be performed on an empty stomach, not earlier than 5-6 hours after the last meal. The patient has to take a 150 ml of the solution every 5-10 minutes. After 0.5–1.5 hours, the filled intestine begins to gently release its contents without any efforts and pain. The intestinal lavage continues up to "clean waters”. 30–40 minutes after finishing taking the solution, the process of intensive bowel movement stops, and the quality of life is restored.

  • 1-1.5 hours after the procedure, the patient needs to eat some fiber-rich food (porridges, raw cereals, buckwheat, brown rice; stewed or baked vegetables and fruit; dried apricots). It is advisable to exclude fatty, spicy, smoked food and alcohol from the diet during the course.

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