Our certified specialists

You can get a professional medical advice on using Matkevich Lavage in the treatment for various diseases from our certified medical specialists:

Our certified specialists

  • Matkevich
    Victor Anatolyevich
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, toxicologist.
    Author and developer of the method, President, Lavage Global Research Center, Laureate of the Moscow City Hall Award in the field of healthcare, and VDNKh (Gold)
  • Smolikova
    Natalia Valentinovna
    Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of the Highest Category
    General Practitioner, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Gastroenterologist
    Osteo and Neuro Clinic
    building 1, 29, Pokrovka street, Moscow
  • Kishenevsky
    Victor Lazarevich
    Chief Physician, RealMed Clinic, Saratov
    General practitioner committed to integrative medicine approach in diagnostics and treatment of patients
  • Brylevskaya
    Inna Valeryevna
    Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist
    IV Clinique Integrative Medicine Clinic
    219/2, Sovetskaya street, Magnitogorsk
  • Put
    Vladimir Anatolyevich
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Orthodontist, Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery
    Founder, PUTIMPLANT Dental Clinic
    room 70B, 20A, Khodynsky boulevard, Moscow
  • Utyasheva
    Nailya Ramilyevna
    Obstetrician-Gynecologist with 40 years of experience in the treatment for gynecological disorders and infertility
    Specialist in Gynecological Endocrinology
    22, Radio street, Moscow
  • Bobkova
    Natalia Yurievna
    General Practitioner specializing in Microelementology, Clinical Nutrition and Aromatherapy. Author of Aroma Code – Harmonization of the Personality and Human Health System
    Founder, Aroma Code International Academy of Aromatherapy Moscow

  • Bugakov
    Sergey Vladislavovich
    Doctor of the Highest Category, Chiropractor with 33 years of experience
    Kuntsevo Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, EvolutisClinic Group of Companies
    41, Partizanskaya street, Moscow
  • Dolgina
    Svetlana Nikolaevna
    Founder and Head of a wellness center
    BEAUTY and HEALTH Wellness Center
    building 1, 9 Tikhvinsky lane, Moscow
  • Rametullayeva
    Sholpan Mukhametgalievna
    Allergist-Immunologist with 24 years of experience
    Ramatullaeva Clinic, 11/2, Anet Baba street, Astana, Kazakhstan

How do I get an online consultation?

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