How to get rid of pollinosis?

Spring is a favorite and long-awaited time of the year, however, not everyone is happy about it. "Every year I look forward to spring with disdain and make a stock of allergy pills. Sneezing and runny nose just put me out," – this is about what pollinosis sufferers are saying with advent of the flowering season.
The time period from May to July is really terrible for many people who just can’t survive it without pills. Yes, one can pop the chemicals, but there is a more effective and harmless remedy – intestinal lavage, colon cleansing with a special saline solution without any equipment and tubes.
"I have a runny nose, what does an intestinal lavage have to do with it?" – one may reasonably ask.

All sufferers of pollinosis know its symptoms perfectly well – constant runny nose, itchy eyes, dry cough, and even suffocation. All this due to the painful reaction of our own immune system to plant pollen. A network of immune lymphoid cells covers the entire surface of the human body, including that of the mucous membranes. This is a kind of outpost, the first to react to the appearance of the enemy. Moreover, not only the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes enter into the struggle, but also the intestinal mucosa. This is the so-called MALT system (the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue) which includes the GALT system (gut associated lymphoid tissue) - the same network of lymphoid cells, but located in the intestinal mucosa. What determines the effectiveness of the resistance of the mucous systems? Where does the immune system, which mobilizes all the forces of the body to fight the stimulus, hide?

It has to be said, that about 70 percent of the human immune system resource is concentrated in the intestines. They also contain the bulk of microflora, which actively affects the immune system. All of these are interconnected: a breakdown in one place will have an impact in another. Without going into details of the mechanism of pollinosis, we can say that the root of the problem is not in the nose, but much deeper, in the intestines. This hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that intestinal lavage for restoration of microflora alleviates allergy symptoms.

Markevich Lavage is the best cure for this disease. It puts in order the intestines and its microflora, and, consequently, the immune system. In case of pollinosis, we recommend 4-6 procedures with an interval of 2-3 days. By contacting us, you can order the treatment for pollinosis in Moscow.

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