Treatment for Constipation

Treatment for constipation involves curing intestinal dysbiosis, cleansing the body of waste and toxins, and rejuvenating the body – all at the same time.
It is generally known that human health largely depends on the state of the digestive organs. And constipation is one of the most common disorders of the digestive system.

Constipation has the following symptoms:
  • chronic delay in bowel movement for more than 48 hours
  • difficult defecation
  • small, hard, pebble-like stools
  • a feeling of incomplete defecation
If a person shows at least one of these symptoms, constipation is obvious.

What causes constipation?

Constipation can be acute or chronic. S.H. Ravanduzi identified 4 grades of chronic constipation (1988).

Grade 1 – defecation delays for up to three days with moderate abdominal tenderness. Working capacity is not impaired.

Grade 2 – defecation delays for 4-6 days with marked stomachaches and painful movement of feces. Symptoms of intoxication in the form of increased fatigue and decreased performance. Psychological issues, manifestations of asthenia and astheno-neurotic syndrome.

Grade 3 – defecation delays for 7-15 days. Severe pain syndrome, dramatic work decrement, and developing symptoms of neurasthenia, hysteria and depression.

Grade 4 – absence of defecation for more than 15 days. Abdominal pain is almost constant. Serious psychological issues with the symptoms of hypochondria and depression. The person is incapable to work and may become handicapped.

The causes of constipation can be as follows:
  • mechanical obstacles to the advancement of intestinal contents (tumors, clusters of parasites, intestinal inversion, hernias, fecal stones)
  • inflammatory bowel diseases
  • rectal diseases (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anorectal abscesses)
  • malformations of the intestinal tract
  • unhealthy diets
  • hypodynamia
  • pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • intoxication
  • prolonged administration of medications
  • endocrine system dysfunction
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • bile duct obstruction
  • intestinal dysbacteriosis (may be both the cause of constipation and its consequence)
  • distress and other diseases that cause intestinal reflex impairment.

How does constipation affect the body?

Regardless of the causes of constipation, the changes in the body are uniform, namely:
  • abnormal intestinal contractions
  • impairment of digestion and absorption of digested food
  • development of intestinal dysbacteriosis since due to the slow movement of waste through the digestive system the number of intestinal bacteria that enter the small intestine increases
  • autointoxication: intestinal epithelial cells are damaged by constipation; and bacterial toxins, allergens, and other noxious substances formed during digestion enter the blood and then the liver, lungs, brain, kidneys, skin, causing harm to these organs and provoking various diseases and functional disorders.
We can say with absolute certainty, that due to the plurality of causes and complexity of the mechanisms of constipation syndrome, no effective therapies have been proposed to date apart from surgical interventions in strictly defined cases.

Special diets, laxatives (oil, salt, pharmacological, herbal ones), physiotherapy, acupuncture, enemas have an insufficient and short-lasting effect. Drugs increasing gastrointestinal motility cause addiction to the effective substances, therefore the expected effect is gradually reduced, and then eliminated even with increased doses. This can lead to the development of substance abuse. Excessive laxative use can damage the liver, kidneys, cause malignant tumors of the intestine, neuroendocrine disorders, allergic reactions, as well as electrolyte imbalance.

The use of enemas is permissible only for a short time and, in general, does not have a therapeutic effect. Hydrocolonotherapy does not affect the small intestine, furthermore, in case of repeated use causes dysbiosis and atony of the large intestine, i.e. can make things worse instead of curing.

A course of 5-6 Matkevich Lavage procedures ensures the restoration of normal bowel function, eliminating the need for the patient to take laxatives in the future

The use of the Indian Shank Prakshalana technique and Fortrans solution causes electrolyte imbalance and, again, the development of dysbacteriosis.

All of the above disadvantages (unfortunate side effects of medications, dysbacteriosis, electrolyte imbalance) can be avoided with the use of a solution close to the natural environment of the intestine by its ionic composition. And we can offer you such a solution.

A remedy that really helps cure constipation, as well as eliminate dysbacteriosis and improve blood composition was developed at the N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine under the guidance of Professor E.A. Luzhnikov and Doctor of Medical Sciences V.A. Matkevich. It is Matkevich Lavage – enteral saline solution and the method for cleansing of the entire gastrointestinal tract in the natural direction.

This invention made it possible to effectively detox the body and correct metabolism in many diseases, including those accompanied by constipation. As a result of this treatment, the intestinal contents are removed, including excessive amount of microorganisms, toxins, and other harmful substances formed during digestion and vital activity of the body. Thanks to the composition of the solution, electrolyte metabolism and blood supply to the intestinal wall are improved, its mucous membrane is restored, which helps reduce the amount of toxic substances entering blood from the intestinal cavity. This reduces the load on the liver, kidneys, lungs, nervous and immune systems, which are responsible for detoxification and elimination of harmful substances from the body. At the same time, normal intestinal flora, digestion, metabolism, immune and hormonal systems are restored. All this increases the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors and heals many chronic inflammatory diseases. A course of 5-6 Matkevich Lavage procedures ensures restoration of normal bowel function, relieves the patient from the need to take laxatives in the future. When the intestinal tract is “clean”, the mood brightens, a feeling of "inner comfort" develops, irritation, general weakness and fatigue disappear, sleep normalizes, and the quality and color of the skin improve. Given that impaired intestinal function causes many disorders and abnormalities, it becomes obvious that the lavage in question has a universal therapeutic and health-improving effect.

Sergey Bugakov, Doctor of the Highest Category, Chiropractor

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