Shank Prakshalana: a colon cleanse using intestinal lavage

Shank Prakshalana is an effective ancient procedure of complete cleansing of the digestive system with water and salt. This unique technique makes it possible to deeply cleanse the small bowel, and get rid of toxins and wastes inaccessible for a conventional enema.
The anatomical function of the small bowel is to break down incoming nutrients and facilitate their absorption. For this purpose, the inner surface of the intestine is covered with a large number of villi, the purity of which determines the quality of digestion, and the good health of the whole body.

The fouling of the small bowel is due to an unbalanced diet, medications, bad habits, and other adverse factors. The Shank Prakshalana technique helps thoroughly clean the villi, restore the natural functions, improve digestion and immunity.

With the advent of modern saline solution saturated with microelements and identical in its composition to chyme, the Shank Prakshalana method was further developed, and became known as intestinal lavage.

The healing effects of intestinal lavage are as follows:

  • improved quality of digestion and nutrients absorption
  • regular and complete bowel movements
  • rejuvenation and renewal of all body systems
  • improvement of skin color and tone
  • healing of skin rashes, acne
  • strengthening of the immune system and healing of allergies
  • cleaning up eye whites
  • restoration of healthy metabolism and weight loss
The Shank Prakshalana procedure using Matkevich Lavage solution increases energy potential and improves quality of life. The person becomes more resilient, strong, and efficient. It becomes easier to think clearly and concentrate, and chronic fatigue goes away. The human body and breath become fresh, unpleasant odors disappear. By contacting us, you can order Prakshalana cleansing at an affordable price.

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