The phenomenon of rejuvenation after cleansing the body of toxins

How does Matkevich Lavage affect metabolism, blood and cell health?
During this procedure, the cavity of the digestive tract is cleansed due to the resulting concentration difference, and toxic substances begin to flow from the blood into the intestines and are then flushed out by the solution. This way, the load on the detoxification organs (the liver, kidneys, lungs, immune system and skin) decreases and their functionality restores quickly and effectively.

The composition of the solution was put together and rigorously balanced by macronutrients with due regard to human physiology. During the procedure, according to the law of chemical equilibrium, substances lacking in the blood are selectively absorbed from the solution, while excessively presented ones are excreted from the blood into the intestinal cavity and washed out from the body. For instance, the organism will receive from the solution lacking potassium or calcium, while excessive sodium and water will be moved from the blood into the intestinal cavity, and then flushed out. In the same way, all the substances are exchanged between the solution and the blood through the intestinal wall: excess cholesterol, sugar and other substances that interfere with the body’s ability to function properly go away. Simultaneously, the acidity of the blood is normalized, and its fluidity improved. In case of edema, removal of excess water stimulates decrease in the size of blood cells, so they better pass through the smallest blood vessels of the lungs, where they are enriched with oxygen and carry it to other cells. The "breathing" and nutrition of cells of all organs improve.

The cells are rejuvenating!
If your intestines are “clean,” you feel cheerfulness, lightness and inner comfort, your mood brightens, irritability, general weakness and fatigue disappear, sleep normalizes. The skin becomes soft and supple, its color improves. The changes are especially noticeable in problematic skin patients: their rashes decrease or disappear completely.

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