HANGOVER: The Fastest Way to Sober Up

The morning after. "I’m sick, so sick…Nearly dying. Oh my God, what's that?! My head is cracking...I’m thirsty as hell…Yesterday…Better off dead! Oh, I have a meeting today…Very important, non-cancellable…What to do? What can I do? Can’t even lift my head off the pillow…Uh… someone told me about that Matkevich Lavage – said it’s always helpful… Well, where are all those googles and yandexes? Yep. Here it is!”

"Yes, it’s pressing, courier delivery please. Is it a concentrate? To be diluted? OK then, tell the courier to bring some bottled water too".

"Here are the instructions. How to dilute... how to drink… All clear! It's good that I haven't eaten anything yet, though I get sick just thinking about food – the solution must be drunk on an empty stomach! Good going, given that I’m so freaking thirsty!.. First glass, second, sixth one….Oh, it seems that my mind really feels clearer! Twelfth glass… OK, all goes to plan, I gotta use the toilet. Oh, I never would have thought that this could happen. This is rebirth from the ashes! Wow, just two hours and four liters of that solution, and I’m back to life, and have a lot of time before my meeting…”

What is hangover syndrome?

What happens to the human body in alcohol poisoning? How to get rid of symptoms of alcohol overdose quickly and efficiently?

These questions are answered by Pavel Gennadievich Rozhkov, Toxicologist, Doctor of the Highest Category, Director of the RESEARCH AND PRACTICAL TOXICOLOGICAL CENTER of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency.

What scientists write about.

"Chemistry and Life" Journal No. 4, 198..., pp. 37-45. "The Alcohol Criminal File":

It follows from the dossier that once in the body, the alcohol is being affected by enzymes and turns into much more toxic acetaldehyde. Virtual (and sometimes actual) dying of hangover is associated with this factor. Acetaldehyde has layered effects on the human body. Firstly, it acidifies the blood and causes the relocation of water from the bloodstream to the soft tissues. There is swelling of all tissues to a greater or lesser extent, but it is especially noticeable on the face. While puffy eyes in the morning are just a cosmetic harm, the swelling of the lung tissue and other internal organs is a more health–threatening condition. An increase in intracranial pressure manifests itself in the form of headache. The lack of water in the vascular bed makes the blood thick and viscous, which is fraught with blood clot formation. The heart struggles to push thickened blood through the vessels, which bears the risk of myocardial infarction. The receptors in the blood vessels signal of bad thirst, however, drinking plain water relieves that condition only for a short time, and increases the swelling of the body as well. The body tries to get rid of the poison and reduce the acidity of the blood by vomiting. The liver is working hard to detoxify harmful substances. Due to thick and viscous blood, the kidneys cannot function properly. This disorder in the body continues until the detoxification organs neutralize the poison. The duration of this period is strictly individual.

What should be done to help the unlucky devil with a hangover?

First, it is necessary to return water from the soft tissues to the bloodstream, alkalize the blood making it less dense and more fluid, normalize the electrolyte composition, and help the kidneys proceed with their duties. In general, it takes 2-3 hours of narcologist or toxicologist work. I hope it's clear now that going to the pharmacy for a hangover pill is an unpromising action.

​(с) V.A.Matkevich

And what about folk medicine?

The most suitable remedy is "khash", a popular dish of the Caucasus, as well as meat stock and Russian aspic. In my opinion, second best option is alkaline-rich mineral water like Essentuki 17 and 4. The honorable third prize goes to the most popular home cure – pickled cucumber juice. With the help of these products, experienced people can sooner or later cope with this illness. It is out of question that the remedies of the first category can be consumed freely at will. However, the optimal amount of mineral water or pickle juice is never known beforehand. This is important, since the overdose of these products is dangerous for already compromised health. Thus, we can see that helping a wine victim is not an easy mission.

Things might be much easier with Matkevich Lavage

In 1.5–2 hours, thanks to lavage of the entire surface of the gastrointestinal tract, which is in close contact with blood and has an area of 200–300 square meters, where intensive metabolism occurs, normal blood parameters are restored. This is enabled by the special composition of the solution, which triggers the processes of purification and self-regulation in the body.
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