RESTART: Whole Body Cleanse

Toxins come into the body alongside food, water and air, and accumulate, which leads to serious health problems. Harmful substances can also be formed in the body in the process of metabolism. Normalizing health implies regular cleansing of the body.

How to purify the body the right way?

Cleansing the body of toxins and wastes enables to:

  • Reduce the load on the body's excretory system
  • Restore the balance of microflora
  • Deactivate allergic reactions
  • Boost body defenses

It should be noted, however, that misguided body cleansing for weight loss may result in grave health issues. Frequently used for home detox enterosorbents can bind not only toxins and wastes, but vitamins and micronutrients as well. Uncontrolled dieting is fraught with problems with the intestines and immunity. That is why it is better to cleanse the body of harmful substances under medical supervision.

Effective body cleansing program

Matkevich Lavage is a universal, effective and harmless method of body cleansing. The solution consists of safe hypoallergenic components and has a minimum of contraindications. It cleanses not only intestinal tract, but other important organs and body systems as well. The number of procedures is determined individually in accordance with the patient’s age and health status.

For prophylactic purposes, it is sufficient to perform 2-4 procedures using the Matkevich Lavage solution. If there are no obvious contraindication, the procedures can be performed at home without medical supervision. The results of the treatment include normalization of sleep, surge in vitality, and improved condition of the skin, hair and nails.

To increase the effectiveness of cleansing the body using the Matkevich Lavage technique, you need to control your dietary pattern. It should include food rich with organic acids and vegetable fats. For sweet tooth people we recommend to consume honey which stimulates intestinal tract to function. Adhere to water consumption schedule, give up bad habits, and maintain physical activity.

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