How to get rid of allergies?

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# 2, 2007
Matkevich Lavage is a distinctive program based on complete – from the mouth to the rectum – cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract using multicomponent solution without any devices and tubes. Moreover, the Matkevich Lavage program can be combined with enterosorption; anthelmintic, pre- and metabiotic, herbal and manual therapy; diet plan. You may, however, say: "What does this intestinal lavage have to do with my eyelid swelling, runny nose and breathing difficulties? Plus, I'm dieting already – cannot eat any stuff without getting sick". It turns out that there is a connection, and a direct one.

The point is that microorganisms inhabiting the intestines can spread throughout the body, including entering the respiratory tract and releasing histamine, thus causing allergic reactions. In addition, helminthologists claim that 85% of allergy cases are associated with the presence of intestinal parasites. That is why it is advisable to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract along with the course of anthelmintic therapy and subsequent restoration of normal intestinal flora. All this is possible with Matkevich Lavage. One procedure takes about 3 hours, and after that, you can freely go back to your daily routine. Depending on the health status, the entire program consists of 4 or more sessions with 2-7 days intervals.

This procedure resembles the technique of Indian yogis (Shank Prakshalana) or the Fortrans medication intake. However, the whole difference is in the solution itself. Its mineral composition is fully identical to chyme (a mass of partially digested food), or more precisely, the part of it that is absorbed by the organism. And despite the fact that people eat differently, the composition of chyme is the same for everyone. Therefore, the solution is physiologically adjusted for the intestines of any person. The digestive system works in such a way that during intestinal cleansing the body perceives this solution as chyme, takes what it needs from it, and "dumps" everything unnecessary and harmful into the intestine. At the same time, this solution is beneficial for good microorganisms and pernicious to pathogens. This is the whole secret of the solution and the success of its use.

The cleansing procedure is flat-out simple: the patient takes the solution on an empty stomach (at least 5 hours after eating) by 150 ml doses with 5 minute intervals. After 0.5–1.5 hours, the filled intestine begins to gently release its contents without any effort or pain. The rinsing continues to "clean" waters. Bowel movements stop 30-40 minutes after the end of solution intake.

Intestinal lavage results in total cleansing of the body: toxins and allergens are removed, the blood is purified, all life hampering substances are eliminated. Plus, the load on the liver, kidneys, lungs, immune system and skin is reduced. Thus, Matkevich Lavage cleanses the body and provides it with missing elements, stimulating its own normal flora. After such a thorough cleansing of the body, allergies have to retreat. It's hard to believe, but after the Matkevich Lavage treatment a person returns to normal life without fear of flowering herbs and forbidden foods.

​(с) V.A.Matkevich

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